DWC60 2D

DWC60 2D

Technical Specification
Free Hand Laptop Colour Doppler
Built-in recharge
5″ LED display
USB ports
DICOM3.O port
3.5MHz Multi-frequency convex probe

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Overview 15-inch high resolution LED monitor with 180 degree all sight display. Standard PC,LED backlit silicone keyboard, easy input. One key regulation, easy operation. Rechargeable lithium built-in battery supporting 2-3hours of continuous scanning Efficient and intelligent workflow. Professional high resolution medical grade LED: much wider visual angle,more perfect match of brightness and contrast,protect your eyes effectively Probe with auto freeze protection function: auto freeze, increase of service life. Rapid user-defined settings: meet doctors’ individual needs ,improve the work efficiency Imaging AutoSnap: easy to set the individual condition for check. The comprehensive solutions for clinical application. Automatic envelope spectrum calculation. Blood flow peak capture. Trapezoid Imaging . Real-time two synchronous . B/C Double amplitude real-time contrast imaging. Linear array 2d deflection. One Touch Optimize. Pulsed wave (PW) Doppler. Doppler frequency. Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI).

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DWC60 2D”

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